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Bee Shrek Test in the House has been critically aclaimed as having one of the most phenomenal soundtracks of its time and has recieved multiple grammys in music selection and production beecause of it.


Season 1 Pastel Flags - Anamanaguchi

Season 2 Promise - TQJam

Season 3 /v/ Video Games - Ray Sipe

Season 4YMCA - The Village People

Season 5 Call Me - Go West

Season 5.5 FatBoy Slim - Push the Tempo

Season 6 Poison - Bell Biv Divoe

Season 7 Im Very Hungry - Daft Pumk

Season 8Bell Song about Frogs from Japanese Gameboy game.

Season 9Mercury Lamp - Cristierra

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Season 1 Gangnam Style - Psy

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