Bling-Bling Boy, real name Eugene Hamilton, is a recurring antagonist in Bee Shrek Test in the HouseHe's a young fifteen year old boy who's the chief inventor and right-hand man of Little King John and is responsible for many of his creations throughout the course of the entire series. Despite being one of the main antagonists of the series, Bling-Bling Boy is generally incompetant and is treated like a joke, but is still more smart and useful than Lord Farquaad ever will be in the entire franchise. He also has a creepy lustful obsession over Susan Test and is a recurring theme throughout the series and has even caused controversy as a result.  Also his mom gay


Bling-Bling Boy is a short obese kid with a round body and oddly shaped head. He wears white rapper-like cloths with golden chains and jewley all over his body and a big silver 'BB' neckalace as well. He has short brown hair and blue eyes. LOOKS LIKE CTHULU. @miceforce cafers 


Bling-Bling Boy is a portrayed as a smug pretentious asshole throughout much of the series. Yummy. During the first couple of seasons, Bling-Bling is hostile towards the Big Four and seeks to capture Susan Test and keep her to himself to satisfy his deepest sexual desires which also reveals messed up thoughts that Bling-Bling has. I want him in my pants. There are multiple scenes where he's dreaming about what he'd do to Susan and all of them are disturbing and some are so horrific, they've actually caused controversy to errupt. Despite this however, Bling-Bling does get his ass handed to him throughout the show and he changes as a character when he's forced to live in the parking lot of Buy Yo Steel at the end of season twelve. He still wants to posses Susan Test, but his general creepiness has been toned down. Eugene also despites Little King John, but is scared of him due to his power and makes no attempt to break away from his rule.