• CrescentHusky12

    Am I the only one tired of seeing pages that no one bothered to edit? They’re all over the wiki! If you don’t have nothing to write, don’t make the page! If you’re going to write the page later, put it there so we know! In fact, here is a list of these kinds of pages:

    2001: A Shrek Odyssey


    A Bee String

    A Big Beegret

    A Shrektastic Idea

    Admin 5 Who Told You You Could Write an Episode

    Extreme Makeogre: Swamp Edition

    Ogre and Out

    (I’ll add more later)

    And I apologize if I’m taking this too seriously. I just want to help fix up the Wiki, that’s all.

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  • BSTHFan

    I think we should start with giving all the episodes pages, even if they aren't great pages, we will give them pages nonetheless. We also need pages for characters such as Armin. Let's band together and sort this giant wiki out!

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  • BurneyGames4reals

    Happy new year guys, it's me, just telling you 3 new lost episodes have been found, we are so glad we found these, well 2 of them were leaked by the creator,1 of them was found, im actually currently watching the one we have found. i'll give it a wiki entry after i'm done watching it, see ya for now :)

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  • LFCLovers9


    September 24, 2015 by LFCLovers9

    For make an all about Gayus Tambunan Remix

    Soundbites : Honda Intro, Vittorio, Bruno

    Music : Skaven - Amazonas

    TENF (Honda Intro sound)

    Nggak ada loe, Nggak Rame !!!! (F*** Yeah Sampoerna A)

    Korupsi tidak bisa Diam-diam

    Dapat pergi kepanjara bintang 5

    Bisa pergi ke bali





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  • LFCLovers9

    This Story was remake from Crayon Shinchan Volume 33 (Indonesian version).

    Starring :

    • SHREK
    • DONKEY
    • HEAVY
    • SCOUT

    Pemerintah Shrek Universe menyatakan kebanyakan perusahaan

    baru menjadi maju, supaya perusahaannya menjadi strategis.

    Pemimpinnya adalah Shrek punya otak IQ 369. Dibantu dari TF2.

    Pada awal 2000-an pemerintah shrek universe pemberlakuan UU Anti-Dreknografi, karena Kejahatan Seksual masih merambah terjadi di Far Far Away & Duloc. kebanyakan dibawah 18 Tahun yang sering melihat dreknografi (All Drek Photos), sehingga Warga-warga butuh gambar larangan saja.

    Kemungkinannya Shrek benci baca dreknografi, karena terkandung unsur konten kekerasan. sehingga Shrek membaca buku Alkitab sehari-hari.

    Pada Siang hari, Drek (Blue Shrek) datang ke Kastil Fa…

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  • Billnyez

    Boom Hoir

    June 11, 2013 by Billnyez


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