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Bee Shrek Test in the House.Edit

Bee Shrek Test in the House (Opening 1)

Bee Shrek Test in the House (Opening 1)

Hello and welcome to the Bee Shrek Test in the House Wikia. Within this Wikia you can find everything relating to Bee Shrek Test in the House from the tint of Johnny Tests hair all the way to the length in which Cory and Shreks last relationship lasted.

The Big FourEdit

Once upon a time, there were four fellows who all wanted something more. One was a teenager who moved into the White House after his dad got a job there as a chef. One was a flame-haired 11-year-old whose genius sisters used him as a lab rat. One was an ogre who had many layers. And one was a college graduate bee who sued the pants off humanity for stealing his honey. If these four ever met, it would be the beginning of something wonderful...

God Saved The Queen Tapestry & Bee Shrek Test In The House Goes To Call Of The Wild Part 1 & Bee Shrek Test In The House Was To Be Your Call Of The Wild Part 2 & Next Week, Episode One & The School Is On Fire

BSTH is a crossover between Bee Movie, Shrek, Johnny Test, and Cory in the House, and is the swaggiest crossover ever to exist.



Cory in the House wallpaper

Cory Baxter

Johnny large

Johnny Test

Barry b benson

Barry B Benson

The Big Five: The main characters that exist within the Bee Shrek Test in the House universe are; Barry B Benson, a dashing young bee with a heart of gold and a burning love for Johnny Test. Shrek, an ogre with the rancid smell of onions who finds platonic love within best friend Cory Baxter. Johnny Test, a flame haired pre-teen, but don't let his age fool you, he is actually very mature and in a relationship with Barry B Benson. Paul Blart, a newcomer from the mall for the save anything to do will get someone save the mall from the villains. And finally... Cory Baxter, a sharp teenager with a great sense of wellbeing and kindness for all those around him but who still likes to "Shake it up™". Together they all live in harmony facing wacky adventures each day featuring sporatic sub-characters such as the Ratboy Genius and the Brave Little Toaster.

Vocabulary Edit

  • BSTH = Bee Shrek Test in the House



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