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Cory in the Blouse

Cory's Sweet Ass is the 13th and last episode of the second season, and the 39th episode overall. The episode is the introduction to Cory's pussy-destroying superpower.


The episode starts out with Cory making a bet with Shrek that he can fit 19 jars of honey up his ass. He succeeds, and attracts the attention of a pornography director. The director hires him to be the next big pornstar. He begins working under the name "Whorey Asster". The episode ends in a cliffhanger of Cory deciding whether or not he wants to pursue his career.


  • Texas Alexis does the voice of Donna Blowjob in this episode.
  • Randy Newman did a special cover of the opening to celebrate BSTH 5th Anniversary.
  • This idea was referenced in the last episode of the sixth season and the first episode of the seventh season, where Cory has a career of being a pornstar. then he also fucked bill cosby in the dickhole