Donkey is a recurring character throughout Bee Shrek Test in the House where he first appeared as one of the leading supporting charcters alongside Dukey. He was the best friend and right-hand of Shrek the Ogre and was one of the leaders of his Brogres, but their relationship began to decline during the fifth and sixth seasons. By the time the eigth season had started, Donkey was no longer friends with Shrek and is now demoted to a background cameo with occuasional appearances scattered throughout the series. 

The Battles He Has FoughtEdit

He has fought in many battles in helping the Main Four. His most recent was with the Frozen lover Tapke. An obscure villain. But Tpake was powerful. Appeared in Ralph gets Wrecked. Donkey won a greta battle secretly, although this is not mentioned in the episode it's self. Only Hinted at. I liek to touch kangaroo's wet asshole cheeks.

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