Dukey "Horndog" Test is Johnny Test's dog and loyal companion and is one of the leading supporting characters in Bee Shrek Test in the House. He's the pet dog of the Test family and is the official head pet of the White House. Despite being a dog, he's been genetically modified and evolved by Susan and Mary Test and is the most evolved dog on the planet so much so that his lifespan is as long as an American's. 


Dukey loves coffee and sex. He is a talking dog who loves Johnny very much. When Johnny was young Mr. and Mrs. Test abused Johnny every day and often tried to kill him. Dukey always offered comfort, treated his wounds and served as a therapist for young Johnny.

Sexuality and Sexual AbuseEdit

Dukey was in a relationship with Donkey, but it fizzled out. He currently has feelings for Vanessa Bloome, a female.

Dukey was sexually abused by Mr. White. Shrek used his godly powers to erase the event from Dukey's memories.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Dukey means poop.