Far Far Away Sign

Entrence to Far Far Away

The Kingdom of Far Far Away is a sovereign state and a kingdom in the Bee Shrek Test in the House universe. It's a small kingdom filled withfairytale creatures and beings and was established by the Canadian government as a means of paying reperations to the fairy tale beings after years of discrimination and persecution against them. It's since than became a vibrant and thriving nation despite its small size and is under the protection of the Big Four.


Far Far Away is a small nation that was established sometime in the alte 19th century by the orders of the Canadian government who sought to ease tensions between the Canadian and the Fairy Tale peoples. To do so, the Canadian Prime Minister gave the fairy tale people a small portion of land located in the far reaches of northern Canada and the fairy tale people established the Kingdom of Far Far Away afterwards. Far Far Away was relatively peaceful for the following hundred years and eventually became a constitutional monarchy like Canada as well as adopting a parliamentary system like Canada as well. By the 21st century, Far Far Away was a modern nation and also has information about Farquaad's Country because many refugees fled to Far Far Away to escape the corrupt and egotistical rule of Lord Farquaad who's been a burden on his people.




The Royal Parliament of Far Far Way is the unicameral legislative body of far Far Away and is comprised of various leaders of the fariy tale community each representing their respective races. Each representative is elected by their respective peoples and they hold seats in the parliament as a means of representing their people and their needs. On multiple occuasions, King Harold had established a communist state in Far Far Away and replaced the parliament with the Surpeme People's Council, a governing body lead by communism, but it's been opposed and toppled numerous times by the Big Four and Canada.