Shrek, Donkey, and the unswaggie nerds trick-or tricking

Episode 6 season 3


Barry wishes he could make sweet love to Donkey one last time. Johnny Test overhears and decides to sell his soul to the devil to give Barry his wish. Donkey goes out trick-or-tricking with his old pal Shrek and the unswaggie fairy tale nerds while Barry is out .Later Johnny and the devil go to the House where Victor Baxter has just finished making his special Halloween Pie. The pie is so good that the devil himself has a change of heart, and lets Johnny go. Meanwhile Shrek and Cory are testing Susan and Mary's candy corn vagasil. But while Shrek and the nerds are trick-or-tricking, David Bowie appears to warn them about the Diamond Dogs, servants of The Old Big Four , who are masters of stealth and have been sent to hunt Shrek down.


  • This episode is well-known for having very little to do with Halloween other than candy or the title and realease date.
  • This episode won three Emmys and an Environmental Media Award.
  • This episode has been known to cause seizures in children 5-10 for reasons unknown.
  • There are drug references in this episode when Donkey eats the candy and starts to have hallucinations. 
  • There are hidden demonic messages in this episode. If you read the picture on the wall it says DEMON and this could be referencing the episode where Cory does a demon ritual and turns Shrek into a bee, Barry into a human and Johnny into an ogre.
  • The fairytale nerds decide on the may or may not be canon that there is a dead body buried in Shrek's backyard. That's pretty much the only Halloween thing besides the candy.