Kenneth Donnovan Johnson, more commonly known as Ken, is a major recurring antagonist in Bee Shrek Test in the House serving as the main rival and archenemy of Barry B Benson. He's a human male and is the ex-girlfriend of Vanessa Bloome and is an employee of ACME after his first defeat and disgrace at the hands of Barry during a fight he had with him inside the House . After his defeat, Ken went down the dark path of villainy and eventually enlisted in the Brotherhood of Chaos in order to accomplish said goal. 


Ken is a tall human male with white skin and a muscular body and face. He has a square but muscular shaped head with short combed brown hair and brown eyes. He's usually seen wearing either a white color shirt and tan kacky pants or is in his tennis gear which is a white shirt with a light blue stripe in the middle with white athletic shorts. 


Ken is a very prideful but also egotistical, arrogant, and elitist person. He takes pride in his achievments and does whatever he can to show off his skills to Vanessa thinking that he's impressing her, when in reality he isn't. When confronted by the reality of Barry be superior to him, Ken gets angry and attempts to undermine Barry at any opportunity he can, but always fails and this costed him his relationship with Vanessa. After loosing her, Ken becomes a very bitter, spiteful, and vengeful person and joins the Brotherhood of Chaos as a result as a means of helping them get his revenge against The Big Four.


  • He is very similar to Lord Farquaad from Dreamworks Animation's Shrek, Sid Phillips from Disney and Pixar's Toy Story and Henry J. Waternoose III from Monsters Inc.