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Season 8

Season 1 2008-2009Edit

Episode 1: Welcome to the House

Episode 2: West Philadelphia

Episode 3: Come On, Shrek It Up!/You May Now Kiss the Ogre

Episode 4: The Damnation of Shrek

Episode 5: Get Shrekt

Episode 6: Bee Shrek Test in the depths of Dingo Jungle

Episode 7: Bling-Bling Bitch

Episode 8: Bee Stuck Test in the Home

Episode 9: It's Always Sunny in D.C.

Episode 10: Bee Shrek Test In The House: The Musical

Episode 11: Bee Fit With Wii Fit

Episode 12: How I Met Your Mother, Mrs. Test

Episdoe 13: Top Kek

Episode 14: SuperWhoLock

Episode 15: Johnny through the Looking Glass

Episode 16: Hank Hell

Episode 17: Jimbles Notronbo, Boy Penis

Episode 18: Johnny Toast (Wasn't aired in PAL regions)

Episode 19: A Day In The Life Of The Test Sisters

Episode 20: Brogres Before Hoegres

Episode 21: HashtagHashtag (Often abreviated to #Hashtag)

Episode 22: Johnny's Meme Test

Episode 23: Attack Of The Brave Tangled...Whatever

Episode 24: So Need a Cute Girl

Episode 25: the lost city of amazonia

Episode 26: Mr. Bones' Wild Ride

Episode 27: Bee Shrek Test In the House: Black and White

Season 2 2009-2010Edit

Episode 1: Cory And Lenny's Night Out

Episode 2: Gonna Love You All Ogre

Episode 3: The Mall Cop

Episode 4: Rats Infested The House

Episode 5: Bee My Valentine

Episode 6: A Principle in Business

Episode 7: The Prom

Episode 8: I'm The Father?

Episode 9: Turn and Face the Green

Episode 9: My Beemortal

Episode 10: Born to Bee Wild

Episode 11: Bee Shrek Test In The Stoneage

Episode 12: Cory's Sweet Ass

Episode 13: Rise of TopHat Money

Episode 14: Bee Shrek Test Bee Fit With The Wii Fit 2

Episode 15: Cory And Lenny's Night Out 2

Episode 17: Testing Inventions

Episode 18: Attack Of The Lazy Writing!

Episode 19: Learning about Filler With Johhny

Episode 20: Learning About Filler With Barry

Episode 21: Learning About Filler With Cory

Episode 22: Learning About Filler With Shrek

Episode 23: Filler up your anus!

Episode 24: Storytime in the House

Episode 25: Science time with Oro

Episode 26: Bee Shrek Test In The House meet the business taking away their house plot

Episode 27: I did this for you, Karen

Episode 28: Cory Baxter vs the world

Season 3 2010-2011Edit

Episode 1:Shrek Gets Nosescoped

Episode 2: Exterminate the Despair

Episode 3: Bee Shrek Test In The Crossover

Episode 4: Meet the Lenny

Episode 5: Sisters, I Killed The Parents

Episode 6: Halloween in the House

Episode 7: Cory Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Episode 8: Spoderman For The Rescue

Episode 9: SuperBee

Episode 10: AMemebos

Episode 11: Show Marathon

Episode 12: Thot Exterminators

Episode 13:Bee Shrek Test Halloween Special

Episode 14: Crack Pipe Eroticism

Episode 15: The Great Meatloaf-Off

Episode 16: Race Against Sanic

Episode 17: Donkey!

Episode 18: 65 Million Layers in the Making

Episode 19: Cory Joins A Fandom

Episode 20: Motu Patlu

Episode 21: Just Do It

Episode 22: Donald Trump Sucks

Episode 23: D se Dab

Episode 24: Brutaka's Wrath

Episode 25: No-gre

Episode 26: Lenny's Life Is Ogre

Episode 27: Gathering Forces

Season 4 (Also known as BSTH: Rise of the Brotherhood in PAL Regions) 2011-2012Edit

Episode 1: Welcome Back to the House

Episode 2: The Meeting

Episode 3: Split

Episode 4: The Bee and the Snake

Episode 5: Rougher than the Rest of Them

Episode 6: Shrek's Monkey Business

Episode 8: McSpankies Showdown

Episode 9: 24 Hours of Ultron

Episode 10: Double Drekked

Episode 11: The Little Engine that Could (be voiced by Tom Hanks)

Episode 12: Sjipsco

Episode 13: The Power of Gyromite

Episode 14: I Shrexually Identify as Trans-gem-der

Episode 15: The Norwegian Communist

Episode 16: Farquaad's Hubris

Episode 17: Lafayex-Machina

Episode 18: The Swamp Massacre

Episode 19: I hate you, You Love me

Episode 20: Bees are not a Creative Species

Episode 21: Steal, Cheat, Lie, and SURVIVE!

Episode 22: Washington (The World Turned Upside Down)

Episode 23: Robbie in the House

Episode 24: Central Intelligence Betrayal

Episode 25: Johnny and Maul

Episode 26: The Hanged Man

Episode 27: The Raid on Fort John

Episode 87: The Lion, the Rat, and the Stiltskin

Season 5 2012-2013Edit

Episode 1: Karen's Bee-trayel

Episode 2: What comes Next?

Episode 3: Mr. Meme

Episode 4: Good Morning, Mr. Hitler!

Episode 5: I miss you, Karen

Episode 6: CyberPootis: Reloaded

Episode 7: Shrek is Not Drek

Episode 8: The Revenge of Brutaka

Episode 9: No one hears you scream in Space

Episode 10: The Gang Goes to Russia

Episode 11: It's Hip To Bee Square

Episode 12: Knee Deep In The Drek

Episode 13: I No Longer Wish To Bee Alive

Episode 14: Robbie's Return

Episode 15: Watch Out For The Moon

Episode 16: Attack of the Fandoms

Episode 17: Don't Mess With His House

Episode 18: Get Out Of My Swamp!

Episode 19: Just Let Me Dye

Episode 20: The Legend Of Petch

Episode 21: Potato Farm

Episode 22:Invasion

Episode 23: Doctor Who and the CyberShreks

Episode 24: Karen, Love me

Episode 25: Goodbye, Karen: With Love, Paul (This key episode marks the end of the Paul Blart era of editing for the show. For the rest of the episodes, Paul Blart is played by Danny DeVito in a Paul Blart Costume as Paul Blart hung himself in his ex-girlfriend Karen's apartment. He was a consistent player in the show's production, and even convinced Barry to come to the show. He decided that his own OC Paul Blart: Mall Cop would be a villain and the rest was history.)

Episode 26: the onioning

Episode 27: Don't Test Me, Bee

Season 6 2013-2014Edit

Episode 1: Shrek's Moving Out

Episode 2: Die, Fuehrer, Die!

Episode 3: A-Shrek on Armin

Episode 4: who's your daddy?

Episode 5: Osama's Last Days

Episode 6: hello kitty seeks revenge

Episode 7: Brogres For Life

Episode 8: death of dora

Episode 9: Minnesota travels

Episode 10: The Lonely Life Of A Bee

Episode 11: Cory vs Al Qaeda

Episode 12: Christmas in the House

Episode 13: Goodbye, Mr. Martinez

Episode 14: A new President

Episode 15: that CGI baby is scary (originally called Son of the Mask II)

Episode 16: Johnny + Barry Forever

Episode 17: Life, Death, and Onions

Episode 18: Forever Ogre

Episode 19: White House get down (part 1)

Episode 20: White House get down (part 2)

Episode 21: Hatred Revived (Part 1)

Episode 22: Hatred Revived (Part 2)

Episode 23: Bane.

Episode 24: My Time Here Was Not Ogre

Episode 25: Onions are Unbreakable

Episode 26: Rise of the Brave Tangled Whatever

Season 7 2015-2017Edit

Episode 1: Return of a Legend

Episode 2: Coryography

Episode 3: Les Beeserables

Episode 4: The Shrekle Shuffle (Originally Twincest, but that episode was taken off air for controversial content.)

Episode 5: Naked Bee (Fangirls loved this episode but it was taken off of air due to nudity)

Episode 6: The Crystal Ogres

Episode 7: The Lawnmower Race

Episode 8: The Go-Kart Race (the writers were running out of ideas at this point)

Episode 9: The Boat Race

Episode 10: The Race

Episode 11: The Plane Race

Episode 12: The Amazing Race

Episode 13: Layering on the Facts

Episode 14: Fanning the Flames

Episode 15: Bee Shrek Test in the Mall

Episode 16: The BEEreakfast Club

Episode 17: Art Class with Sundowner

Episode 18: Johnny, Shrek, Cory, Barry, I shrunk the waifus

Episode 19: Hey Now You're An All Stardust Crusader

Episode 20: Oro travels in TIMEEEEEEEEEE! (and space)

Episode 21: Ratatoing 2: The Unholy Anus

Episode 22: The Episode Where The Brave Little Toaster Dies

Episode 23: Son Of The Mask 3

Episode 24: Attack On Anime

Episode 25: Cards Against The Gang and also Humanity

Episode 26: Return of Brutaka

Episode 27: Fighting Fire with Fire

Season 8 2016-2017Edit

Episode 1:Lenny Returns

Episode 2: Whorey Cory

Episode 3: Lennys Party

Episode 4: Cory and the Critic

Episode 5: Cory and the Nerd (Part 2)

Episode 6: A Living Human BEEing

Episode 7: The Return of the Revenge of Brutaka

Episode 8: Wow!

Episode 9: Your Life is Ogre Now, Johnny X

Episode 10: Story Of The Founding Of The House (part 1)

Episode 11: Story Of The Founding Of The House (part 2)

Episode 12: Shrek And Lenny

Episode 13: The Return of the TOING

Episode 14: It Will All Be Ogre

Episode 15: New President

Episode 16: Johnny Breast

Episode 17: The Dreckoning

Episode 18: Brutaka's last stand

Episode 19: PinkMan

Episode 20: Planet Sheen, Bro

Episode 21: Evil Lenny VS The Gang

Episode 22: Bye Bye Oro

Episode 23: Shreqical Girl

Episode 24: Red Sonion

Episode 25: Potato Knishes

Episode 26: Bee Shrek Test in The House: The Finale

Season 9: 2018-2020 Edit

Episode 1: Lenny That's My Room

Episode 2: Testin Cory's Toys

Episode 3: Communilonk (this episode set up a parody spin-off show including him and his friends being in Community,it was a highly popular episode and the series will air in 2020)

Episode 4: Shut Up and Shrek With Me

Episode 5: The Mighty 13

Episode 6: Filler Episode:The Musical

Episode 7: Beelive in Jesus Christ our saviour, who'

Episode 8: Jimmy Boobtron

Episode 9: Livin without HS John With John Cena

Episode 10: The Mighty 15

Episode 11: Dark Lennegy

Episode 12: Search For Pink Drek

Episode 13: Ogre's Dough-gers

Episode 14: The Knishing Part 1 (halloween special)

Episode 15: The Knishining Part 2 (halloween special)

Episode 16: The Mighty 16 VS Pink Drek

Episode 17: Gaben's MLG promoted Bonfire

Episode 18: Is Bee illuminati?

Episode 19: Cory's Pornstar Failure

Episode 20: Encoding "SEASON 9 BITCHES" With The Test Sisters

Episode 21: Don't make a Vine joke (A Meme-orial to Tumblr)

Episode 22: Oro's comeback

Episode 23: The Mighty 17 and the Prophecy (part 1)

Episode 24: The Mighty 17 and the Prophecy (part 2)

Episode 25: Oro's Dog

Episode 26: Sid's Return

Episode 27: Lonk And Order

Episode 28: Lonk And His Mom (Part 2)

Episode 29: Donald Lump

Episode 30: Buy Yo Steelo Gets Invaded

Episode 31: Johnny The Druggie

Episode 32: Sanic Goes Too Fast

Episode 33: The Evil Two

Episode 34: Death Of The Houses

Episode 35: Moving Into The Big 4's House (Part 2)

Episode 36: Pingu's Disco

Episode 37: Mountain Dew Sticks To Yew

Episode 38: Getting Old

Episode 39: Star Up

Episode 40: Evil Lenny,The Evil Three

Episode 41: Bul Ceper

Episode 42: Dohnney Dest

Episode 43: Dory Daxter

Episode 44: Darry Dee

Episode 45: The Mighty 19

Episode 46: The Hissing Hissers

Episode 47: How To Be MLG Tutorial With Bob Ross

Episode 48: Eatster

Episode 49: The Baby Is Coming!

Episode 50: Unfused Part 1:The Dark 4 (A miniseries was made called unfuse and is counted as episodes of season 9)

Episode 51: Unfused Part 2:Dink Drek

Episode 52: Unfused Part 3:That Way!

Episode 53: Unfused Part 4:Dark Lennegy 2.0

Episode 54: Unfused Part 5:The 8 Of Us And The Apocalypse

Episode 55: Unfused Part 6:Kick The Baby

Episode 56: Unfused Part 7:Deal With It

Episode 57: Unfused Part 8:The 4 Of us And The Apocalypse

Episode 58: Unfused Part 9:Got The Antidote?

Episode 59: Unfused Part 10:Unfused Again And Only One Left

Episode 60: Welcome Back Pinkman

Episode 61: Remake The House

Episode 62: Snoop Dog's Return

Episode 63: A Dog And It's Dinosaur

Episode 64: Daddy

Episode 65: Pink Van

Episode 66: Diary Of A MLG Diary

Episode 67: Death And Deaths Servie

Episode 68: Fire!

Episode 69: Cory's tales of his Pornstar Life

Bee Shrek Test In The House: The Movie

Episode 70: How Could You?!? (1 hour season finale)

Season 10 2020-2021 Edit

Episode 1: The Gang Is Back

Episode 2: Axxon

Episode 3: Catch Yourself a Dohnny Dest

Episode 4: Cory's Porntape With Dohnny Dest

Episode 5: Hidden In The Basement

Episode 6: Shadow's Time Is Never Over

Episode 7: Axxon 2.0

Episode 8: Comic Sans, Papyrus and Wing Dings

Episode 9: Drugs up The Wrong Hole

Episode 10: ****ed yo bitch

Episode 11: Catch Yourself A Dory Daxter

Episode 12: Cory and Dory's Sex Tape

Episode 13: Kim Kong Un

Episode 14: Into The Basement 2:Things Get Real

Episode 15: Admit Your True Love

Episode 16: Got A Dog

Episode 17: Dead Dog

Episode 18: Bring The Kids Over!

Episode 19: He's back...

Episode 20: Catch Yourself A Darry D. Denson

Episode 21: Okay, Cory has way too many sex tapes with Drek's friends

Episode 22: The Bee Shrek Test Fandom

Episode 23: Cool Cat Gets In The Way

Episode 24: Cool Cat Takes Over(part 2)

Episode 25: Bleh Tupaz

Episode 26: Cooking with Vezon and Undyne

Episode 27: Cory For President

Episode 28: The Reptilian Overlord Returns

Episode 29: Leaving With Lonk

Season 11 2023-2024Edit

Episode 1: Cory's Cool Website

Episode 2: Dance Party

Episode 3: WWE Guest Stars

Episode 4: The Biggest Plane Crash

Episode 5: A Trip to Kongo Bongo Island

Episode 6: Meme Team

Episode 7: Normie Invasion

Episode 8: No Style, No Grace

Episode 9: Cory Explores 8chan

Episode 10: King of Alimony

Episode 11: Birthday Party Gone Wrong

Episode 12: Stefan's New Career

Episode 13: Bluster the Benevolent

Episode 14: Fear of Skeletons

Episode 15: Leo Luster the Irresistible Force

Episode 16: Cory Gone Viral

Episode 17: The Rarest Pepe

Episode 18: Absence of a Member

Episode 19: Obsessed with Bee Sex

Episode 20: The Joy of Painting

Episode 21: Jason Funder

Episode 22: Hip to Be Square

Episode 23: Shrek says goodbye (part 1)

Episode 24: second thoughts(part 2)

Episode 25: A Holly Jolly Christmas for the Big Four

Episode 26: Derek Savage In The Supreme 5

Season 12 2024-2025 Edit

Episode 1: The Return of Lonk

Episode 2: Death In The Family

Episode 3: Mrblackdarkness666

Episode 4: Return Of John

Episode 5: Nass Is Oke

Episode 6: Tila

Episode 7: Devon (part 2)

Episode 8: Supreme 5 Will Strike You Down

Episode 9: The Difference Between Dank and Fresh Memes

Episode 10: Dippy Fresh

Episode 11:Keem's news

Episode 12: Woken Up Inside

Episode 13: John and John Cena's Date

Episode 14: The Funderburkering

Episode 15: Bee Shrek Test In The Amiibos

Episode 16: React

Episode 17: RUINED

Episode 18: Johnny's Prank (GONE WRONG)(GONE SEXUAL!)(ALMOST DIED!)

Episode 19: Cool Mall Cop

Episode 20: John The Traitor (part 2)

Episode 21: It's all Ogre,John Cena (part 3)

Episode 22: Here In My Garage

Episode 23: Copyrighting The World

Episode 24: MattyB VS Jason

Episode 25: Wrastling

Episode 26: Cool Cat Vs Johnny

Episode 27: Big Money Meme Man Comes Out Of Nowhere! (part 2)

Episode 28: Beware for Aliens

Season 13 2048-2050 Edit

Episode 1: End of the Line,Gaben

Episode 2: Stevie The Assassin (part 2)

Episode 3: A New Jasoning (part 3)

Episode 4: RIP: Jason's Virginity

Episode 5: Cory In the merchandise

Episode 6: Brutaka and the product placements

Episode 7: Jason's Date

Episode 8: Buy Yo Steelo, Back In Business

Episode 9: What if Barry was not killed?

Episode 10: Mars Bars

Episode 11: Shrek and Jason have sex again

Episode 12: Shrek gets BEAN'd (part 2)

Episode 13: High-Quality RIP

Episode 14: The Return of Grand Dad (part 2)

Episode 15: Yabba Dabba Done (part 3)

Episode 16: Shrek's Surgery

Episode 17: Barry and Johnny become more than friends (April fools episode)

Episode 18: Cory steps on a Lego (banned in the UK)

Episode 19: Shrex Mix

Episode 20: Little King Jason

Episode 21: Regular John


Episode 23: Anthony Fantano (part 1)

Episode 24: Cal Corchesta (part 2)

Episode 25: TheLegend27

Episode 26: Blew

Episode 27: Death of the Ogre

Episode 28: Replaced

Episode 29: I Hate Dust! (bonus episode)

The Lost Season (Presumably made sometime in 2049) Edit

Episode 1: Kicks my ass

Episode 2: Anthony Fantano's Meme Review

Episode 3: The Best Episode

Episode 4: Progress is Lost

Season 14 2051- 2052 Edit

Episode 0: I Hate Dust 2 (the hidden episode that can be found if you rewind the DVD 1337 times in one session)

Episode 1: The Renewal of Faith

Episode 2: Shrek the Fourth Million and One

Episode 3: Beam Me Up, Scotty

Episode 4: Gamer Blitz

Episode 5: What is Up? You Beautiful Bastards

Episode 6: A True Failure is Never Met

Episode 7: Mr. Bean beans Barry

Episode 8: Everyone Fucking Dies

Episode 9: The End

Episode 10: Maybe

Episode 11: ...

Episode 12: Yes

Episode 13: I don't know why this got so popular and beloved

Episode 14: Ok

Episode 15: RIP

Episode 16: Should I Stop

Episode 17: Probably

Episode 18: No

Episode 19: lol

Episode 20: Really though, this meme is dead

Episode 21: How's Your Day Been

Episode 22: We're Trying to Reach the Episode 26 Mark

Episode 23: Almost There

Episode 24: Very Close Now

Episode 25: Fuck It

Season 15 2052 - 2054 Edit

Episode 1: Retcon #8 (Note: this is the longest episode in the series, every episode is put on, one after another)

Episode 2: Everyone Fucking Lives

Episode 3: Repeat

Episode 4:Rehash/You've Just Been Beened (note: this episode is exactly the same as the episode "Mr Bean Beans Barry" but Mr Bean is replaced with Bean)

Episode 5: We Purchase a Rancho Relaxo

Episode 6: Killer Queen already touched that Rancho Relaxo

Episode 7: Cory Heals from Third Degree Burns

Episode 8: Meet the Swedish Chef

Episode 9: The quest for Reddit

Episode 10: Spongebob the destroyer

Episode 11: (Insert moar dank memes or some shit like that)

Episode 12: Big the Cat dies

Episode 13: Raven's Revolution

Episode 14: Cory dabs on a fidget spinning boneless pizza with a tumor

Episode 15: Hat Simulator 3 confirmed

Episode 16: Da Hoovy vs. Oreosa (frequently shuned by Paladins fanboys)

Episode 17: Poland into space

Episode 18: Undertale the dating simulator

Episode 19: Got any memes?

Episode 20: Uh...

Episode 21: Filler text

Episode 22: REEE

Episode 23: Ech

Episode 24: Buttsecks

Episode 25: Clifford the Big Red Dog Advetures: Episode 4: In space

Episode 26: Sanic: Homerunning

Episode 27: Rigby pulls a Mordecai

Episode 28: RIP: Green Biker Dude

Episode 29: Now we are just Stalin

Episode 30: Just Trotsky on out of here

Episode 31: I'll go play a Fidel

Episode 32: All of these commies are too much-It's time to Nixon something else

Episode 33: Too Che

Episode 34: Stop the puns right Mao!

Episode 35: Man, they must leave their Marx then, huh.

Episode 36: These puns are really making me want a Salvador (Allende)

Episode 37: I'm Lenin in too close to these puns!

Episode 38: Stop it

Episode 39: OK

Episode 40: Needa Dispensuh heer

Episode 41: The true Freeman

Season 16 2054 - 2061 (The Supposed Final Season) Edit

Episode 1: Your Brand New Leader

Episode 2: Shrek's Plan

Episode 3: No More Hope

Episode 4: Doofensmirtz's Birthday

Episode 5: (Not) Happy New Year

Episode 6: The New World Order

Episode 7: The Grandest Dad in History (Part 1)

Episode 8: The Grandest Dad in History (Part 2)

Episode 9: The Grandest Dad in History (Part 3) (BANNED IN THAILAND)

Episode 10: But There's Still Hope

Episode 11: Cory's True Fear

Episode 12: Welcome Back to the House

Episode 13: Behind the Meme's Mischief

Episode 14: The Unfaced Truth (Known as "The Truth" in Australia)

Episode 15: The Fourth Impact

Episode 16: The Fourth Impact (Part 2)

Episode 17: THE FOURTH IMPACT IS OVER REVEAL!!! Etika's First Time Reaction to it!!! "MY D**K" TURN DOWN VOLUME

Episode 18: Cory Goes to the Strip Club

Episode 19: The PS Triple

Episode 20: Cory Commits Suicide (Halloween Special)

Episode 21: The Halloween Swamp

Episode 22: Keemstar Gets Exposed! (BANNED IN THE U.S, UK, INDIA, FINLAND & JAPAN)

Episode 23: Coconut Gun Flavored Coconut Cream Pie

Episode 24: Cory Runs for President (Part 1)

Episode 25: Cory Runs for President (Part 2)

Episode 26: Holiday in the House

Episode 27: Raven in the House

Episode 28: The Mandella Effect

Episode 29: Bee Shrek Test in the House: Star Wars

Episode 30: Barry Becomes a Wrestler

Episode 31: Sanic the Slowhog

Episode 32: Trump and the Legend of the Chiken McNuggets

Episode 33: Epidemiology

After these episodes the series got on a 3 year hiatus

Episode 34: Grand Dad goes fishing

Episode 35: Doofensmirtz Returns!

Episode 36: Cheese Burger Freedoom Man's Election Day (Part 1)

Episode 37: Cheese Burger Freedoom Man's Election Day (Part 2)

Episode 38: First 100 Days

Episode 39: Freedoom Man Gets Impeached!!

Episode 40: Cory Becomes President!!

Episode 41: Raven's Birthday


Episode 43: World War 3 (Part 1)

Episode 44: World War 3 (Part 2)

Episode 45: World War 3 (Part 3)

Episode 46: World War 3 (Part 4)

Episode 47: World War 3 (Part 5)

Episode 48: The Last Day of the War

Episode 49: johny buys some groceries

Episode 50: Cory's Long Lost Brother (Part 1)

Episode 51: Cory's Long Lost Brother (Part 2)

Movie: Bee Shrek Test in the House: The Last Day of the House

Season 17: 2100-2110 Edit

Episode 1: Appoclypse

Episode 2: Reforming The Team

Episode 3: Time Travelers In Time Or Some Shit

Episode 4: Steamed Hams

Episode 5: Bottom Text (banned in Antartica)

Episode 6: Sans is Flowey

Episode 7: Shrek conquers Taiwan

Episode 8: The Downward Spiral

Episode 9: DES

Episode 10: PA

Episode 11: CITO (re-dubbed as "RATION" in Puerto Rico and South Korea)

Episode 12: Dub the re-dubbed dab monster (banned in China)

Episode 13: Perpele

Episode 14: Pingu save Leif Erikson Day

Episode 15: What species are you?

Episode 16: Technically I'm a tortoise.


Episode 18: Wood you believe it (the 5th longest episode in the series, where Woodman's theme is played on loop for 3 days)

Episode 19: Infinity House Part 1

Episode 20: Infinity House Part 2

Episode 21: Infinity House Part 3

Episode 22: Infinity House Part 4

Episode 23: Infinity House Part 5