Mr. White

Mr. White as played by Liam Neeson in the BSTH movie. (Credited as Layer Beeson)

Name Mr. White
Sex Male
Age 61
Species Crossbreed (Honeybee, Starman)
Occupation Government Spy
Introduced in BSTH Movie
Latest appearance Potato Knishes
Voiced by Liam Neeson (Layer Beeson)


Mr. White is a spy who harrasses the big four, and always asks if he can shove his flashlight up peoples asses. He works for the United States of America in the Super Secret Government Agency. He was originally black but Liam Neeson (Layers Beeson for you hardcore fans) really wanted the part so the studio gave it to him. In universe, this change was explained as the General forcing Mr. White to undergo painful and expensive skin-lightening experiments as part of his plan to exterminate all non-whites. The fans were very upset over this, but after seeing his performance audiances fell in love. Neeson was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the role, but lost to Jerry Seinfeld, who won Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Lighting Design for his role as Barry B Benson. He also has sex in episode 15 for the first time with will smith while shoving popsicle sticks up his urethra. In conclusion, he is a FUCKING hot sexy motherfucker who shits niggers the end bye I love you xdddd