My Beemortal is the 23rd episode of the second season. It is widely known in the fandom for being a filler epiode while simultaneously being one of the most viewed and most well-remembered episodes of all time.


The episode begins with Barry looking hard in the mirror. He picks out an outfit- instead of black and yellow, it is black and black. His internal monologue reveals that he now goes by Barry Dark'ness Dementia Beeven Way.

But this did not fit into his life completely yet. It was go big or go home you know? So he started to smoke pot. Then one day when he was in his emotastic room life just felt so wrong!!! He grabbed a gun and went to go kill his parents.

He is stopped by Cory in the doorway and he forms a band with Cory and Shrek called The Bloody Death Frickers, and they are  hired to perform at President Martinez's dinner. When they are about to perform their song "Screw The World (And All Its People)" in front of everyone, Johnny reminds them that the only true music is music that comes from the heart and Barry realises he is not destined to be goffik.


  • This is the first episode in which Barry uses the phrase "Bee bop bess, could not care less".
  • Shrek has a baseball bat and handcuffs under his bed. Pause the video at 10:17 and you will see.
  • There are hidden Satanic messages in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Johnny loves Barry in this episode.