Prince Charming, real name James McTavern, is an antagonist in Bee Shrek Test in the House appearing in the show's fourth season. He's a corrupt and egotistical monarch who's a former nobleman and the former king of Far Far Away. Prince Charming is very selfish and egotistical to the point that his ego is the second largest in the series, surpassed only by the infamous Lord Farquaad.


Prince Charming is a tall 5'5 foot man with white skin and big blonde hair. He has a masculine shaped head and is physically strong and is very fit. His typical clothing mainly consists of dark blue royal robes with gold emblems from the former Kingdom of France and black boots. Charming also has dark blue colored knight armor and sometimes wears red, white and gold royal robes as an alternative outfit.


Prince Charming is a selfish, egotistical, elitist, and arrogant so much so, that he has the second largest ego in the entire series, surpassed only by Lord Farquaad himself. Charming, when he was king of Far Far Away, used his power to benefit himself at the cost of the people, who he constantly refered to as his subjects and treated them as such. When he was forcibly pressured into abdicating, he swore revenge and thus, he joined the Brotherhood of Chaos and vowed revenge against the royal family and Arthur Pendragon. To achieve his revenge, he seeks to kill the royalists and establish his own kingdom in Far Far Away and other territories in Canada, which was promised to him by Little King John in exchange for his service to the Brotherhood against the established world order.