Puss in Boots acting cute

Puss in BootsEdit

Puss in Boots is a family friend of Shrek. He is most famously known for being a total Zorro rip off who sucks dick. Although Puss in Boots does have some tricks up his sleeve. Puss in Boots is a cat which gives him the ability to dialate his pupils. This technique is so powerful that it is said that those who face eyes upon this death-glare kill themselves so that they can be free.


Puss in Boots is an anamorphic orange tabby cat who wears a suit similiar to Zorro, but sporting trade mark black booties. Puss in Boots speaks with a thick Spanish accent, which can get sporatic at times when he is hesitant or feeling pressured, he also usually pulls out his sword when nervous. Puss In Boots is thought to be loved, but popular to contrary belief most of the gang dislikes Puss in Boots after Season 3 Episode 23 where Puss in Boots slices a P within Johnny's penis as he slept. This enraged Johnny's boyfriend Barry B Benson, who is the most popular of the Big Four in the house so everyone was on his side.

Trivia Edit

  • Puss and Boots is good at slicing sandwhiches.