Russian Republic Flag

Flag of Russia

Russia, officially called the Russian Federation, is a sovereign state located in both the European and Asian continents and is the largest countryin the world standing at around 17,125,200 square kilometres (6,612,100 sq mi) long. Russia has played a major role in world history from establishing one fo the largest empire's in the world, the Russian Empire, to being the first socialist/communist state, the Soviet Union, and remains the top rival of the United States of America, though the Big Four are smart enough not to cave into petty politics. 


Russia serves as a recurring location throughout Bee Shrek Test in the House due to the country being used as a base of operation or one of many bases by many antagonists of the series and villainous organizations. The presence of villains in Russia is due to the corrupt nature of the country because of its corrupt autocratic leadership and their actions to solidify their own power at the expense of their own people. One example is that the Brotherhood of Chaos uses an abandoned Russian military base in Siberia as a base of operations and is also the main center for Russian affiliates and members of the organization.