Shrek is an ogre who lived in the house as one of the Big Four. Shrek is one of the main characters and is favored by obese and ugly people as a main demographic. Shrek proved that doing what is right morally can be for the better sometimes and inspires many people, although his character has been badgered by many Dreks and Farquaads for having a meaningless philosophy because they're imbeciles. Shrek enjoys his life with his wife and children when he is not working on BSTH. He passed away this year because of Barry quitting and deciding to replace the cast but everyone came back to life.


Shrek originally lived in his swamp before he moved to the house. Shrek lives in the house with Barry B Benson, Cory Baxter, and Johnny Test. Shrek usually wears a stretched linen cloth with a leather vest tied around him except for one exception in Season 2 Episode 7, "The Prom" where Shrek wears a Satin blue dress to the prom with Cory. He sadly passed away in "Death of the Ogre" and will not return according to the creators. Which was the unfortunate truth until the rectcon of Season 13 and 14 past, making Shrek the new ogrelord of this show. He has also been confirmed to be sexualy attracted to Johny from Jonhy Jonhy yes papa videos.


Shrek is a Yellowish/Green Ogre who is over weight and has terrible hygiene. Shrek can be very rude at times but he means best. Despite being a big fat Ogre, Shrek is actually very smart even being an official member of MENSA. Shrek usually saves the day just at the last moment bringing everyone in the house back together. Shrek also cooked for the house until Cory learned to cook from his dad, Victor Baxter.

Love Edit

Orginally, when Shrek left the swamp, the ogre travelled with and fell in love with a hedgehog named Shadow. However, the two split when Shrek had to return to his family. Cory Baxter has been Shreks love interest ever since he divorced Fiona. Although Cory has broken up with Shrek multiple times, they always find their love with each other at the end of every episode. That was until the season 3 episode A-Shrek on Armin, where he gets a crush on a boy named Armin. However, he doesn't confess his love for him until the Season 8 episode Potato Knishes.

Abilities Edit

Layers Edit

Shreks layers watch over him and protect from mental and physical harm. Each one of his layers represent kindness, thoughtfulness, bravery, intelligence, and character.