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Ratboy Genius and Johnny Test's relationship.

Testboy Genius is an episode that was supposed to air in the middle of the first season.


The plot has been revealed vaguely, and it has been said to involve a friendship between Johnny Test and Ratboy Genius. That is all the information that could be found about this episode.


The epsiode was never aired due to the fact that it was never written. The writers of Bee Shrek Test in the House refused to write it, as they found Ratboy Genius fucking creepy and it made them queasy to write him. After one of the writers vomited from hearing Ratboy's voice, the episode was cancelled.


  • The episode is rumoured to be lurking online, and could possibly be found on YouTube.
  • Ratboy Genius is fucking creepy. Don't fucking forget that.
  • potato knishes
  • ^ little king john strikes again ^
  • I found a tape in my stepbrother's grandma's garage and it is a clip from this episode! I played it and it was Johnny singing this while disturbing images of Ratboy flashed on screen.
  • David Bowie is also rumored to make a surprise appearance to disembowel an alligater as well as Barry Bee

Someone's always watching me. Someone's always there. When i'm sleeping he just waits and, he stares.

Someone's always standing in  the darkest corner of my Room. He's tall and wears a suit of black Dressed like a perfect groom.

Where are you going? Why won't you stay? They might be scared of you, But i just want to Play.

He has no Face. He hides with the trees. He Loves little children When they Beg and Scream.


The writers once said that Ratboy would probably have raped Johnny and Johnny probably be killed off in this episode due to being raped so hard