The Prom is the 7th episode of Season 2 of Bee Shrek Test in the House. It is the episode that launched the Chrek ship.


Cory was picking his nose and extremely bored so he started a prom at the House. A chain-smoking hooker named Annie which is his new friend helped him organize the prom. For the goodie bags fillings Cory stole lolis, money, kittens, glasses, bracelets, candy, Ghost Adventures DVDs, dead bodies, and candy made from lolis' dead bodies.

Shrek, Barry and Johnny came home to the House like wtf bro!? Cory blushed and came over to Shrek. "S-Shrek I always ALWAYS have loved you. You are my world Shrek. Please dance with me." Shrek was about to say "HELL TO THE FUCKING NO BITCH" but then Cory started to drag him around and dance much to his protest. Johnny put pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Myspace. The rest played spin the bottle. The kisses were:

Hello Kitty/Spongebob




Then they listened to Lady Gaga and sprinkles exploded out of Barry's ass. They played 7 minutes in heaven and Johnny and Barry were in the closet making out.

There are rumors going around that Cory actually raped Shrek after the party and his friend Chris was in on the plan. He put chloroform in Shrek's drink. He got a dagger, a rope, a rifle, a candlestick and a lead pipe from Chris. However the writers have revealed that these rumors were false, and that Shrek and Cory had actually agreed to an orgy with Adam Flayman and Bane before Shrek realized that Adam was insane and that he actually going to sacrifice them to Satan and that Bane was Shrek's stalker.


  • It is confirmed in this episode that Susan is a lesbian chain smoker.
  • It is revealed that Spongebob has always thought Hello Kitty is hot.
  • If you look closely at 5:06 of the episode, there is a Dipper hat on Cory's bed.
  • Susan's username on Rainbow Instapic is Les_chainsmoke_4evr.
  • She could be pretending to get Bling-Bling Bitch to leave her alone though.