Victor Baxter is the father of Cory Baxter and Raven Baxter, formerly married to Tanya Baxter, he is an A Class chef who was hired to be the President's Official Cook, although some fans think he is unimportant, him getting the White House job is what led Cory to meet the whole gang and rearrange his entire life. Victor Baxter used to be addicted to cocaine.

Relationships with other CharactersEdit

Cory BaxterEdit

Cory Baxter is Victor's son. He loves him, but often grows exasperated at Cory's "get rich quick" schemes.

Barry B. BensonEdit

Victor initially despised Barry and openly attempted to murder him on several occasions. This is a result of Barry's constant use of bee puns, which Victor loathes. Starting from The Great Meatloaf-Off, Victor's animosity towards the bee cooled, and they eventually became close acquaintances. In Rise of the Brave Tangled Whatever , Victor even gave a eulogy at Barry's funeral.


Unlike Barry, Shrek noticed Victor's hatred of puns and rarely uses them around him. Victor is aware Shrek once held some sort of power in another country and treats him with a higher level of respect than he normally would have for others, equal (if not higher) to the respect he holds for President Martinez.

Johnny TestEdit

Victor is very kind and gentle to Johnny, due to his mistaken assumption that the experiments done by his sisters have left Johnny mentally handicapped. Johnny remains completely ignorant of Victor's mistake.

Hugh TestEdit

At the end of The Great Meatloaf-Off, Hugh Test and Victor part on the mutual promise to kill each other if they ever meet again. Unfortunately, Hugh quickly forgets Victor and seems genuinely confused when Victor acts antagonistically towards him in later episodes.